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​Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK) is Saskatchewan's first working group dedicated to assisting municipal stakeholders in improving their knowledge and abilities in municipal infrastructure Asset Management.  AM-SK works collaboratively with SUMA, SARM, UMAAS and RMAAS as well as other Asset Management working groups from all regions across Canada and The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

Mission/Purpose Statement:


Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK) is Saskatchewan’s first working group dedicated to assisting municipal stakeholders in improving the knowledge and abilities in municipal asset management. The Working Group grew out of a collaborative effort that started in 2006 associated with the implementation of requirements for accounting and reporting on tangible capital assets owned by municipalities and over time has evolved to supporting efforts related to: "training and capacity building related to asset management within municipalities in Saskatchewan”. AM-SK is a formal working group but is not incorporated and therefore is not a legal entity. To date all contributions have been by "volunteers”.

The Big Picture - Start With Why:

Why Asset Management? Municipal government exists to deliver safe, secure, sustainable services in a predictable and cost-effective manner. And if assets are the vehicle through which those services are delivered, then it goes without saying that those assets need to be managed.


Why Asset Management Saskatchewan?

  • A made-in-Saskatchewan, community of practice for asset managers.

  • Credibility - Our project partners are SUMA, SARM, UMAAS and RMAAS. Organizations you know and trust.

  • Our mandate is relevant to all municipalities in Saskatchewan, but specifically tailored for municipalities with a population of less than 1,000.

  • We’ve established a dedicated AM-SK learner success team that supports you and these courses.

Why this course?

  • World Class instructors, relevant and simplified content, access to all the required tools.

  • It's accessible - Delivered online.

  • It's affordable - With the generous support of FCM and the Government of Canada, AM-SK is able to keep access to this course and keep it FREE. Bringing you incredible value for your investment of time.

  • Time efficient, we cover only what a municipality your size needs to know.

  • Supports your municipality’s compliance with federal Canada Community-Building Fund (formerly Gas Tax Fund) requirements.

  • Aligned with other funding opportunities from FCM and the MAMP program.

Why Now?


  • When’s the best time to plant a tree? The best answer is 30 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is now. Well, that’s not unlike asset management.



Joanne Loy

CAO, RM Manitou Lake

Board Member

Nancy Schneider

 Mayor, Town of St. Walburg

Board Member

Stephen Schury

CAO, Town of Milestone, RM of Caledonia No.99

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