Mission/Purpose Statement:


Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK) is Saskatchewan’s first working group dedicated to assisting municipal stakeholders in improving the knowledge and abilities in municipal asset management. The Working Group grew out of a collaborative effort that started in 2006 associated with the implementation of requirements for accounting and reporting on tangible capital assets owned by municipalities and over time has evolved to supporting efforts related to: "training and capacity building related to asset management within municipalities in Saskatchewan”. AM-SK is a formal working group but is not incorporated and therefore is not a legal entity. To date all contributions have been by "volunteers”.



George Tomporowski

Mayor, Town of Shellbrook

Steering Committee Rep - RMAAS

Mike Wirges

CAO, RM of Moose Jaw


Joanne Loy

CAO, RM of Manitou Lake

Steering Committee Rep

Loretta Gette

City of Regina

Board Member (Pending)

Rick Dolezsar

CAO, Town of Hudson Bay,

UMAAS Executive Director

Steering Committee Rep - SARM

Kelsay Reimer

Acting Director of Policy

and Development

Steering Committee Rep - SUMA

Sean McEachern

Director Policy &

Communications Services

Steering Committee Rep - UMAAS

Rick Dolezsar

CAO, Town of Hudson Bay,

UMAAS Executive Director

Steering Committee Rep

Gordon Sparks

Professor Emeritus

University of Saskatchewan

Deliverables to Date: 


Since the successful implementation of accrual accounting methods by 2008, the focus of AM-SK (formerly SMAM) has been on working collaboratively with other Asset Management Working Groups in Western Canada (AMBC & IAMA) to provide training and capacity building related to Asset Management & Long Term Financial Planning for municipalities. A very significant part of this collaborative effort has been associated with the organization and delivery of the 3 - Day NAMS Asset Management Workshops developed and delivered by the Institute of Public Works Engineers of Australasia (IPWEA). In the order of 88 municipalities (29 BC, 8 AB, 48 SK, 3 Yukon/NWT) have had public works, finance, and administration staff as well as political leaders participate in the 3 - Day Workshops. (In the order of 250 - 300 municipal staff have participated in the NAMS Workshops and the feedback has been very positive, in large part because of having staff from public works, finance and administration work together for the 3 days with one deliverable from the Workshop being a 1st draft of an Asset Management Plan for one of the core assets for each participating municipality. Another major positive is that the NAMS Methods are consistent with International Standards for Asset Management (ISO 55000) so municipalities can be assured that their Asset Management Plans will be credible.


Also in Saskatchewan, a NAMS User Group has been organized.  The purpose of this Group is to provide an opportunity for those municipalities developing Asset Management Plans using the NAMS methods to share their “Lessons Learned” and leverage the collective effort.

Challenges Going Forward:


As has been noted by many, asset management is a continuous process – a journey – that requires skilled staff who have been allocated the time to dedicate themselves to developing the Asset Management Plans for the municipalities core infrastructure assets. There is clearly a shortage of staff with the training and experience to complete Asset Management Plans plus, all too often, staff are assigned the task to develop the required Asset Management Plans but are not allocated time consistent with the magnitude of the assigned task. In short, staff are asked to complete the Asset Management Plans “off the corner” of their desks! As such, experienced staff and financial resources to support the staff time required to develop Asset Management Plans is a major challenge for most municipalities.

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