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Have you got asset data but aren’t quite sure what it means?


The Asset Register and Initial State of the Infrastructure Report is designed to help you turn your asset data into usable information. It consists of an online spreadsheet based tool and a course. The tool will allow you to collect your asset data and format it in a way that it can be turned into a set of informative graphs and charts to help inform your asset management plans.


The course will walk you through how to use the tool while teaching you about asset data. 

The measurement of success is to have learners gain a better understanding of their asset data, and be able to communicate key information to others in their organizations. For example: We have assets that are at or beyond their useful lives and we need to determine a course of action.

This course is intended for the person(s) who are primarily responsible for working with your municipal data.  

The course is free.

Learn more about the course by watching the video below:

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